ON THE PRIMAL BRAIN SOLUTION BOOK: “I just wanted to tell you that I bought your book for my cousin. He’s had a few TBI’s (a car accident, but he also played hockey for a decade). He said he read it in like, two days and it completely changed the way he thinks about his brain and what’s happened to him. I think it really helped him out. So, I just wanted to say thanks and you’re doing really good work.” Amazon Buyer, 10/19/2018

ON HEALING A LONG-TERM SLEEP PROBLEM: "I have been sleeping better and have woken up with less headaches ever since I started using the amber light and I try to wear the blue blockers at night as well!" Sleep is critical to brain health. - Female Client, Age 23, 09/05/2018

ON BEATING A BAD PROGNOSIS: "After seven weeks and two days [He]. Is. Home 💚 He went from a level 2 on the Rancho Los Amigos scale to a current high 8. Truly amazing. He walked out without assistance and wearing zero braces. He still has work to do in the outpatient setting but again my baby is home. Thank you all again for the prayers and well wishes 💚." His original prognosis after a fall and subsequent diagnosis of TBI? "He will probably be a vegetable, there is just no way he will have a full recovery." Seven weeks after and he appears to have pretty much fully recovered using the Primal Protocol and the Western medicine approach - complementary medicine at its best! - Male Client, Age 14, 09/07/2018

ON BUILDING TRUST: "Thank you so much for your help. I’m buying a pool pass tomorrow. I’m going to start water walking first and then I hope to start swimming laps. I will truly do anything you say." - Female Client, Age 49, 02/28/2018

ON USING INTUITION TO SOLVE PROBLEMS: "30 minutes into our first conversation Jenni hit the nail on the head and shared an insight with me that changed my trajectory completely. Amazing!" - Male Client, Age 32, 12/10/2017

CREATING HIGH-PERFORMANCE: "I cannot in any way do what I'm doing right now (managing a multi-million dollar project with 8 other companies and close to 30 people involved and an untenable deadline) without a massive brain nutrition/recovery plan that Jenni gave me. I also do the float tank and cold water immersion." - Male Client, Age 48, 9/15/2017

COACHING AUTHENTICITY: "Your work is a testament to your strength, beauty, intelligence and grace which impacts the world around you in the best way possible." - Female Client, Age 63, 9/2/2017

ABOUT TEACHING RESILIENCE: "Jenni's kind, but forthright, way set me on a path to not only recovering my brain health, but healing from a devastating loss. I don't like to think about where I would be without her help." - Female Client, Age 39, 8/27/2017


In the past, I've worked with various companies, foundations and groups on these topics:

  • Client Education Programming (Design, Implementation)

  • Event Consultation and Planning

  • Program Implementation

  • Marketing Strategy

Here are some of my former clients: