The Bio-Alignment Experiment

Welcome! In my life, health coaching and writing I've been using a framework I call 'bioalignment'. You probably know that 'bio' is the ancient Greek word for 'life'. Alignment can mean to be a position of agreement or alliance. 

We are normally, naturally and by our very nature aligned to the planet. I do not mean this in a spiritual way, I do not mean this metaphorically; I mean it literally. We evolved to be completely adapted to the Earth's magnetic resonance, to the circadian rhythms of sunlight & moonlight, fresh water, wind and the sounds of nature. 

However, for many of us, life is more technoaligned than bioaligned and this is having a significant negative effect on our health, mentality and ability to 'see' our way out of the technical web we've come to depend on. 

I know from research, working with clients and experimenting with my own family that bioaligning is a solution that doesn't eschew modernity. I am not homesteading, I am not even gardening at this point. This isn't a 'back-to-the-land' movement or a rewilding experiment where I learn to use a bow and make leather garb for my family. 

This is about sovereignty, health and living well. 

I hope you enjoy following my journey and experiments! The book will be out in Winter 2016.