Devolved Camping

See this image?

That's what I think of when I think of camping - you too, right? This is more the reality:


Sad, huh? While traveling and camping in my second skin/canvas home I've met the coolest people and had a great time. I've also seen people who bring a loud, lowly vibe out to nature. Loud music, big lights, lots of alcohol and a total disregard or lack of quiet, nature's rhythms and other people. I have to wonder what the 'gain' is when you bring all of your modernity out into the hills, mountains and rivers? If you don't align with nature at it just a place to get wild via alcohol or only a break from work? 

I don't have an answer (yet) to this, but my sense so far is that people have no idea how disconnected they are - addicted to phones and bright, blue lights and using alcohol as a fuel for letting go (to replace the lack of flow and meaning in their lives). There is also no feeling of responsibility towards other people and any land they inhabit. Then you have others who enjoy their crackling fires, family conversation, fishing and hiking. They pay attention to others, and the rhythms of nature. 

I see a dividing line between human 'types' and the chasm is growing. More on this soon.