Oh the things I've seen...

I've been on the road for 8 weeks now. I've seen a few hilarious things:

  • A semi-truck RV rig that had to cost a cool milli (see below)
  • That rig also had a hydraulic unit that carried a golf cart 
  • That golf cart carried the owner from the rig to the bathroom, a whopping 25 yards away
  • While golf-carting to the restroom said owner of said rig was eating a plate of ribs
  • I saw a father of 3 girls fire up his diesel at 7 am, load his girls up and drive them to the showers, a whole 30 yards from their campsite
  • Said father sat with his truck idling for over 40-minutes in front of the shower building while his daughters showered and then he drove them all back to the tent 
  • I've seen a man flying a drone with a video-camera at 5:30 in the morning over a very crowded campsite causing heads to pop out of tents wondering if it was a killer bee attack

There is more, so much more...funny, sad, interesting, crazy. What's going on with people?