A Second Skin

My husband, Jon Aguilar - an accomplished, old-world, dry stone mason (www.heritageearthandstone.com) - is often my conspirator and always my creative designer. For the last two years we've experimented with inducing flow state via extended time in nature (as well as other avenues). We are both deeply committed to attaining our highest human potential. From diet to mentality, we experiment constantly.

In our efforts to bioalign we've reduced EMF exposure, increased good fat intake, taken up sunbathing and sun-gazing & become master intention-creators. However our most recent step is the most extreme. We moved into a custom-designed, canvas, pop-up home. Yes, HOME. (See pic below). 

Jon calls this our 'second skin', just one layer away from nature. There is nothing to reduce the 'feel' of the outside, and only a thin skin to protect us from the extremes of the weather. Natural light is not controlled, while temperature is only slightly controlled. We are two weeks into it and so far it's been both a huge adjustment and an amazing gift. Currently, we are testing our systems in a mountain environment (sleet, hail, rain, hot sun, wind, clear nights, cold). Shortly we will take the whole set-up on the road to test the desert environment, as well as the West Coast (the BEST coast!). 

This is our kitchen-lounge - definitely my favorite room!