From Hell to Healing - The Battle Against Brain Injury

People often ask me how I (Jenni) got involved in brain health.

Like many things, it was unexpected and unplanned. My son suffered from three (3!) brain injuries during just 2 years (from ages 12 - 14). And I was scared. Terrified. Reeling. Determined. Bold. Insistent. Angry. 

Brain injury is terrifying. Not just the initial bleeding, or visible injury but the invisible injury. The change in personality, the loss of function, the strange nature of brain injury itself. It sucks. 

Our situation was bad, so naturally I just decided (against all advice) that my son could and would heal. 100% and nothing less. This stance led me through scores of books, hundreds of websites and thousands of pieces of research (most of which I only barely understood). And it led me to solutions. 

This is our story.